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Application Terms

        This software (the “Application”) is copyrighted by Clinton Flowers, Tim Wolf, and their designated agents (the “Authors”), with all rights reserved. The Application is provided as-is, with no warranty of any kind, express or implied; this Application is licensed, not sold. UNLESS OTHERWISE EXPRESSLY SPECIFIED HERE, ALL TERMS OF THE APPLE APP STORE’S STANDARD “LICENSED APPLICATION END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT” APPLY. 
        At no point do the Authors of this Application (or of any information contained within the Application) assume liability for damage caused from decisions made using this Application, or for damages or loss of work caused (directly or indirectly) by the Application. Continued use of this Application constitutes agreement to all terms; if You (the “User”, “Agent”, or their “Employer”), do not agree to them, please stop using and uninstall the Application. Further information and support can be obtained by contacting the Authors.
Every use case, installation, and connector is different, requiring unique and specific engineering consideration for mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical/corrosive, and wear and tear issues, in addition to the relevant legal or regulatory code requirements. The information within this Application is meant only to serve as a starting point for more research for applicability in a certain use case, and does not constitute any sort of professional advice.
        The Project Files (“Files”) produced using the Application are the property of their creators (e.g., the Users of the application, their Agents, or Employers) within the terms outlined by United States law, as applicable, or as outlined under third-party terms that the User has previously agreed to, as applicable. The Authors of this Application will make efforts to avoid any significant compatibility-breaking changes of the structure of these Files, but do not provide any guarantee regarding File compatibility between program versions. Any usage (including importing, creation, and modification) of the Files provided to the Application by the User constitutes permission for the Application to read, modify, and delete these files as necessary for the standard operation of the Application, and this operation is not guaranteed to be error-free. At no point are these files automatically transmitted remotely by the Application (e.g., to a file server) without the User’s (or their Agent or Employer’s) previous consent, however, the user is advised that in many cases automatic backup of these Files may occur due to, e.g., Apple iCloud backup. Secure transmission, backup and storage of exported Files is the responsibility of the User, their Agent or Employer. Availability or functionality of the Application does not necessarily guarantee future compatibility, functionality, or availability. Long-term or specialty support or customization for commercial or industrial users can be discussed by contacting the Authors.
        The Application asks for permission for Camera and Photo Library access to allow users to, for example, take photos of connectors, upload CAD renderings, or append photos of wiring diagrams saved in their library. These photos are saved under a different name and are included inside any exported or imported project files. The integrity of any data associated with these photos, including visual image data and metadata, is not guaranteed.
        The Application uses Google Analytics for Firebase, and implements Crashlytics and Performance Monitoring, in order to improve the user’s experience, including mainly to detect and correct crashes. The terms of these services are available at https://firebase.google.com/terms. Data collected, in addition to the defaults of those services (which includes coarse location, and not OS fine-detail location service), may include the numerical count of existing user projects and the measured size of the app and files rounded to the nearest megabyte. Any performance data is used to ensure bug-free operation. This data is anonymized to the extent possible and is not combined with other data in order to identify users. If you do not consent to this, please discontinue using the Application, and contact the Authors if you need further support.